I completely agree. As a small business owner, health insurance is my #1 expense. It is so unfair how few benefits I receive. People are people and have the same needs, no matter the size of the employer. Why must there be such a huge difference in the amount of benefits for the same provider? It's health prohibiting.

Megnut: “For those of us that are self-employed, and for those that are unemployed, health insurance continues to be a big expense, and an even bigger pain in the neck.” Amen. [Scripting News] [dws.]

It's official! This message is being sent from my new, clean install of Jaguar (OS X v10.2)!!

It's awesome! I have a bit of feedback for Jobs & Co., but it's a great step forward.

The Radio migration was a piece of cake. I just copied the RadioUserland folder from the backup to the new drive and double-clicked. If you see this message, the migration was picture perfect.