Is someone missing a smile?In the past week, I have read several articles about the change to the opening screen of a booting Macintosh. The Happy Mac is no longer a fixture here. Instead, we are greeted by a swirling circle of activity. Honestly, I don't miss that Happy Mac face. Why? Well, to put it as simply as I can – I never saw much of it in the first place. Since OS X, I hardly ever have to reboot my machine. It just runs! I close the lid and open it back up several times a day. I travel with it, never shutting it down, and it always picks up, right where I left off. No, it's not flawless, but I used to reboot my Mac 2-3 times a day (as a power user, you ask more than most machines can handle). These days, even though I'm on my Mac 12-16 hours a day, it never fails me.The smiling face is still there every time I boot my Mac. It's just not reflected back anymore.

SwitchersIf you haven't read the Apple Switcher stories yet, I highly recommend it. Even though I've been a Mac user since 1986, I find these stories very enlightening and gratifying. For years I have been telling people about how great my computing life is with my Mac. (although the Macs have changed through the years, the experience has only improved with each new version) I often grew tired of trying to explain the Mac advantages to die-hard PC users. They just didn't get it.Since OS X was released, I have noticed a newfound respect from these same people. They no longer are bashing me for being a Mac user. Suddenly, our conversations turned more inquisitive. They began asking questions. The curiosity grew, not because of what I was saying, but because they were starting to hear more and more about Apple. The Apple Switcher stories are proof that others are experiencing the same joy I do when I sit down at my computer. The stories are realistic, funny, and downright entertaining.It's simply amazing what a little evolution can do for society.

Trees of planet Earth, I apologize.I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of the trees who have selflessly given their lives for the sake of junkmail. How many countless trees have been sacrificed to tell me about the latest credit card discounts, home mortgage opportunities, reduced car insurance, grand openings, going-out-of-business sales, Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Columbus Day sales. How many pine, oak, poplar, fir, and other varieties have been ground up to tell me to register today, visit tomorrow, mark my calendar, and rush, rush, rush.

I guess I should be somewhat glad that spammers don't waste paper – just my time. I'd like to have a 'junk-o-meter' that would keep track of the seconds I spend deleting junk mail. I think it would add up to minutes a day. 20 maybe? Well, that's a good 2 hours a week. If that's true, then 2 x 50 (assuming the two weeks of vacation I used to have) = 100 hours. Well, that's 4.16 days a year — just do delete spam!!I believe that spammers should be forced to spend their time planting new trees. I think it's a nice completion to a vicious cycle. If we could only get the politicians to do something about it. Sadly enough, with the exception of our good friend, future politician, and fellow blogger, Tara Sue, the folks in Washington would likely send out another mailer – yet again, missing the point.Think about the amount of mail that is generated by your own local government. I am still getting sales tax applications from the State of Texas. I've had my sales tax permit for over two months. And, just in case I lost the first one, they sent me the same certificate 4 times!So folks, do your part to help cut down on junkmail. Don't sign up for petty mailing lists. Watch who you give your information to. Tell those solicitors to take your name off the list. Don't shop with folks that knowingly and openly resell your name and address. And please, for my sanity's sake, no matter how great the opportunity of a lifetime may be, don't forward it to me, and don't forward it to everyone in your address book.Remember: Friends don't let friends forward spam. As with other topics of the day, abstinence is the only guarantee.