iPhone UNO

What better way to wind down the day than a friendly game of iPhone UNO. Three iPhones and hotel wifi means an aggressive match-up. Katie & Mommy both one once, but Daddy squeaked ahead in the end with two wins.

Post-Swim Movie

After swimming, Mommy gave the girls a bath and Daddy took care of snacks. We ate popcorn, goldfish, cheese & crackers, and some leftovers from dinner. I guess swimming makes the girls a bit hungry.

We snuggled up on the couch and watched The Incredibles on the iPad. Now we are firing up the iPhones to play a group game of UNO with Daddy, Mommy, and Katie. We could play with the regular UNO cards we brought, but what kind of geek family are we?

Swim Time

After dinner, we checked into our hotel, enjoyed the A/C a bit, and watched the end of Toy Story. Then we headed for the pool. The hotel pool was the perfect size. Katie was swimming like a fish. Jackie and Riley had a lot of one-on-one time to practice their swimming. Jackie said her favorite part was swimming by herself in the deep end. Before we left, the girls made a new friend and I’m sure they will meet up tomorrow at breakfast and at the pool.