Because of our nature detour … We were late in getting dinner. We were all so hungry! We ended up at Pepperbelly’s in San Saba, TX. We were surprised with live music and with the fact that we not only were nourishing our bellies but our hearts! Everywhere we turned we saw Bible verses and two songs sung were religious … The beef fajitas were INCREDIBLE too!!!

There was a bit of a detour at

Sulphur Springs in Bend, TX next to Colorado Bend State Park. Beautiful views, super quiet country with deer a few feet away from us. The girls were not as impressed as we were by the quietness and view but did have a good time with a little graffiti on Daddy’s truck … They promised not to do it again!

Eve’s German Cafe

An amazing lunch topped off with a toasted bread with chocolate inside. It was a favorite for the girls. The weiner schnitzel was amazing and the burger was first class. If you ever make it to Lampasas, this is a must visit.

Breakfast of Champions

We slept in today and didn’t roll out of bed until nearly 9 o’clock. Our hotel stay included breakfast, so we ambled down to the buffet. The staff whipped up a fresh batch of waffle batter for us and the girls waited patiently and munched on some blueberry muffins and honey buns. When the waffle batter was ready, we fired up the heat and in minutes we had a huge stack of waffles. The girls devoured them while Mommy & Daddy took time to chew and enjoy each bite – a rare event and the sign of a real vacation. 🙂

We asked for a late checkout and now we are headed back to the pool. We’ll swim for an hour or so, then check out, grab one last meal in town, then head to _________.

iPhone UNO

What better way to wind down the day than a friendly game of iPhone UNO. Three iPhones and hotel wifi means an aggressive match-up. Katie & Mommy both one once, but Daddy squeaked ahead in the end with two wins.