First Harvest

The garden we built and planted a few months ago yielded the first crop today. We’ll be eating fresh cilantro and green beans! The girls are SO EXCITED!!

Happy Pentecost 2012!

Happy Birthday to our Catholic Church! Compliments of Ms. Patti Kudlak’s awesome find on Thank you Ms. Patti and thank you Catholic Icing!

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit (with a veil?) :o)

The Holy Spirit (with hair!)

The 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit (with mechanical wings … look Mom He’s flying! … She could make Him fly with the two attached straws ;o)!)

School and party planning store!

Jackie was the artist who drew my shopping list as I dictated. Katie, the owner, was busy on the phone taking details for the next party. Riley was my personal shopper who was trying out the inventory and showing me how it worked. ;-). Love, Mommy

Fr. Tom Frank in San Saba?!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Fr. Tom … It was awesome enough there was a darling Catholic Church in our very random destination … but as I walked in, I also saw the very priest who was not only Andy’s childhood priest at St. Elizabeth’s but also married Andy and I at the Cathedral in Austin (and he was just a visiting priest this week-end too, now what were the odds!). What a wonderful surprise! The wonderful lesson I learned from this week-end was to let go a little. I look back at this week-end and wow! No way could I have planned it any better … Even if I tried! Thank you sweet husband for this wonderful vacation and for opening my eyes and heart to the possibilities! For making me realize that there may be things in life I may be missing by trying to plan too much. Fr. Tom … What a true blessing it was to see you! You were icing on the cake that made me realize what this week-end was all about! Enjoying the journey!