Old Photos

During a visit with Aunt Easter, we found an old pic of Pappy, his dad (William Riley, the namesake of our Riley), and great grandparents William and Mary-Susan’s wedding photo.

Pony Rides

The grocery store had this old pony and rides were only a penny! It reminded me of going shopping with my mom when I was a kid. We had to get our 2 cents worth!

Porch Time

In keeping with our Meadows heritage, family time usually happens on the front porch. This picture reminds me of our visit to West Virginia and all the time we spent sitting on Uncle Chester’s porch.

The Hills Are Alive…..

with the sound of music!

I walked towards the top of a hill near the auditorium at Familyland and took a few pictures of the beautiful surroundings, including a panoramic photo.

In one photo, you can see all the youth groups gathered around the flagpole as they sing songs. Another shows the 3 crosses at the top of the hill.

Another photo shows the sweeping hills of eastern Ohio. A true testament to the beauty of this country and the majesty of the Lord’s landscape.


A large group gathered to say the rosary, sing songs, roast marshmallows, and celebrate the vigil of the Assumption of Mary. It was entirely impromptu and entirely amazing. Such an amazing way to end our day.