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Modern Warfare: Special Operations, Operation Eagle Claw. The realities of war dictate that the face of war changes. Once upon a time, armies faced each other on battlefields, formed lines, and charged each other. As technology and tactics have advanced, so has the face of warfare. In the first of two parts of this installment… Read More

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In my inbox: “So far, about 50 chief executives have been captured, including Martha Stewart, who was detained south of El Paso where she had cut through a barbed-wire fence at the Zaragosa border crossing off Highway 375.” [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog] [dws.]… Read More

Majorleague cool: Blog Toaster. Pings you with an instant message when a weblog you have pre-programmed updates on weblogs.com. I just figured out how really cool this thing is. You can importort your Radio subscriptions opml file! [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog] [dws.]… Read More

Gnome 2: A quick look. The newest release of Gnome has been officially unleashed on the public with much attention paid towards improving the usability of the software. The move to make Gnome2 less of a “hackers” desktop and more of a commercially viable environment has been much publicized and discussed amongst the Linux/Unix faithful.… Read More

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