I noticed that when I went to the Yahoo story on the new IE 5.2.1 download, Nortel Networks has a simple, animated banner ad at the top. As a former Nortel employee, I was moderately intrigued. 1. Is Nortel interested in the Microsoft audience? 2. Is Nortel interested in the Mac audience? 3. Is Nortel… Read More

Microsoft Updates Internet Explorer for the Mac. Read about it on Yahoo here.… Read More

Bravenet appears to be a useful source of web code. [dws.]… Read More

A mandatory utility for any Mac user. – andy GraphicConverter 4.4.1 – This update to the shareware graphics editor includes bugs fixes, improvements in HTML catalog creation, and a number of tweaks in AppleScript implementation. [Mac Net Journal] [dws.]… Read More

'It's just gone' [~] more rain falls in Texas [USA Today : Front Page] [dws.]… Read More

Well, tonight Anna and I took a walk. On the way back, after sneaking up on a deer, we saw a little dog trying to cross the street. We realized he was a bit lost so we brought him home after going door to door looking for the owner. While I took a quick picture… Read More