Is someone missing a smile?In the past week, I have read several articles about the change to the opening screen of a booting Macintosh. The Happy Mac is no longer a fixture here. Instead, we are greeted by a swirling circle of activity. Honestly, I don't miss that Happy Mac face. Why? Well, to put… Read More

SwitchersIf you haven't read the Apple Switcher stories yet, I highly recommend it. Even though I've been a Mac user since 1986, I find these stories very enlightening and gratifying. For years I have been telling people about how great my computing life is with my Mac. (although the Macs have changed through the years,… Read More

Trees of planet Earth, I apologize.I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of the trees who have selflessly given their lives for the sake of junkmail. How many countless trees have been sacrificed to tell me about the latest credit card discounts, home mortgage opportunities, reduced car insurance, grand openings, going-out-of-business… Read More

I guess I should be somewhat glad that spammers don't waste paper – just my time. I'd like to have a 'junk-o-meter' that would keep track of the seconds I spend deleting junk mail. I think it would add up to minutes a day. 20 maybe? Well, that's a good 2 hours a week. If… Read More

Sunday was the big Harley ride. A group from Central Texas Harley Davidson left Lakeway around 10:30 and headed towards Lampasas. We saw some of the most incredible country. We took 1431 until it ended and wound through a few country roads. It went from 4 lanes, to 2, and then to about 1 1/2.… Read More

Well, this weekend was a lot of fun, but MAN, was I tired.Saturday we left early and headed down to the Comal River in New Braunfels. If you've never been tubing before, here's the basic concept.You pay roughly $10 for an oversized innertube, get an extra tube to wedge in a cooler full of beer,… Read More

I just caught this one on the X4U mailing list, and it's an amazingly useful tip! If you have a networked printer, point your browser to You'll be presented with the CUPS administration screen, which allows you to manage your networked printers and jobs via an easy to use and understand series of web… Read More

SUV, Minivan, Sportscar, Bumper Car…. What kind of car should you buy? [The Motley Fool]… Read More

The Comal river was AWESOME!! I'm way too tired to post now. Tomorrow is a Harley ride with dad. I'll post in the afternoon on both events. G'night Andy… Read More