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Color Me Impressed. The Harrow Technology Report “Jeffrey Harrow keeps me on the bleeding edge.   Read or listen to his bi-weekly report to appreciate not just edge of change, but its velocity and accelleration.” [a klog apart] For time-crunched folks like me, one of the coolest things about Jeffrey's site is that you can listen… Read More

What is "Self-Branding" I first heard of the concept of self-branding in an article published by Fast Company. I was instantly obsessed with how this idea could change my behavior. Prior to this article, my professional life had been devoted to learning as much as I could about the company I worked for and finding… Read More

What is a weblog?. Some good news. I've been given permission to republish Meg Hourihan's excellent essay on weblogs. At the time it came out I was getting ready to write something similar, it was the right time for the weblog world to define weblogs, because so many journalists had been trying to do it.… Read More

Radio+Google Tip: Search for dws.us/weblog Define this Radio Shortcut: google = http://www.google.com/search?q= Use that shortcut like this to produce line 1 of this post: Radio+Google Tip: “google”dws.us/weblog”>Search for dws.us/weblog [dws.]… Read More

Liquor Guide. You may be like many people who have had a very limited exposure to liquor.  Perhaps you have had mixed drinks, maybe even shot down cheap tequila in college, but shy away from the good stuff straight.   This guide should help you find the alcohol you like and direct you at what… Read More