Sunday was the big Harley ride. A group from Central Texas Harley Davidson left Lakeway around 10:30 and headed towards Lampasas. We saw some of the most incredible country. We took 1431 until it ended and wound through a few country roads. It went from 4 lanes, to 2, and then to about 1 1/2. The hills, canyons, ridges, and trees are unlike any other. You have to be in love with Texas to truly appreciate some of the scenery. If you're the kind who likes lush foliage and sandy beaches with clear water, Texas, at least around Austin, isn't for you. If you like the rough and rugged country, the old west, and the scrub back country full of cedar and live oak, you'll never find a prettier place.We rode into Lampasas around lunchtime and settled down for a big BBQ feast. The brisket was hot and the drinks were cold. It was a great combination. After lunch, dad and I had to leave the group and head back to Austin. We boogied down 183 at about 70 miles an hour for a good 40 minutes. As we entered Cedar Park, we were glad to be back in town. That's not my idea of a smooth ride. I much preferred the winding country roads and taking in the scenery at about 50 mph. That's the best way to see Texas – at a country pace, and atop the seat of a Harley Davidson.