Well, this weekend was a lot of fun, but MAN, was I tired.Saturday we left early and headed down to the Comal River in New Braunfels. If you've never been tubing before, here's the basic concept.You pay roughly $10 for an oversized innertube, get an extra tube to wedge in a cooler full of beer, tie the beer cooler tube to your tube, and rest your feet on the tubes of others to create a floating island. As the current whisks you downstream, you bask in the river as the sun beats down on you. You never realize how hot it is as the river water is usually around 60-65 degrees. In addition, the beer you started drinking around 10 o'clock that morning wipes away any sense of reason you once had. The trip takes approximately 2-4 hours (depending on current and debarkation point) and if you leave early enough, you can do it all again free of charge.Well, the group I was in (about 40 or 50 folks) was ambitious enough to do it twice. I was the only wimp who bailed out on the second round. Lucky for me, I had time to put on dry clothes, eat a nice lunch, and walk around town. The rest of the gang came back looking like a bus full of lobsters. Oh boy, what sun, fun, and a little beer can do to you. We can all hardly wait to go back and do it all over again!