Is someone missing a smile?In the past week, I have read several articles about the change to the opening screen of a booting Macintosh. The Happy Mac is no longer a fixture here. Instead, we are greeted by a swirling circle of activity. Honestly, I don't miss that Happy Mac face. Why? Well, to put it as simply as I can – I never saw much of it in the first place. Since OS X, I hardly ever have to reboot my machine. It just runs! I close the lid and open it back up several times a day. I travel with it, never shutting it down, and it always picks up, right where I left off. No, it's not flawless, but I used to reboot my Mac 2-3 times a day (as a power user, you ask more than most machines can handle). These days, even though I'm on my Mac 12-16 hours a day, it never fails me.The smiling face is still there every time I boot my Mac. It's just not reflected back anymore.