SwitchersIf you haven't read the Apple Switcher stories yet, I highly recommend it. Even though I've been a Mac user since 1986, I find these stories very enlightening and gratifying. For years I have been telling people about how great my computing life is with my Mac. (although the Macs have changed through the years, the experience has only improved with each new version) I often grew tired of trying to explain the Mac advantages to die-hard PC users. They just didn't get it.Since OS X was released, I have noticed a newfound respect from these same people. They no longer are bashing me for being a Mac user. Suddenly, our conversations turned more inquisitive. They began asking questions. The curiosity grew, not because of what I was saying, but because they were starting to hear more and more about Apple. The Apple Switcher stories are proof that others are experiencing the same joy I do when I sit down at my computer. The stories are realistic, funny, and downright entertaining.It's simply amazing what a little evolution can do for society.