Run your Screensaver as a desktop background!! Enter this into the Terminal /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ -background &… Read More

Time for bed. A big day tomorrow on the Comal River I'll post info about the trip tomorrow evening!!… Read More

I completely agree. As a small business owner, health insurance is my #1 expense. It is so unfair how few benefits I receive. People are people and have the same needs, no matter the size of the employer. Why must there be such a huge difference in the amount of benefits for the same provider?… Read More

It's official! This message is being sent from my new, clean install of Jaguar (OS X v10.2)!! It's awesome! I have a bit of feedback for Jobs & Co., but it's a great step forward. The Radio migration was a piece of cake. I just copied the RadioUserland folder from the backup to the new… Read More

It's Here. Jaguar has arrived!! (at my doorstep)… Read More

The wife and I before the Republic of Texas Parade… Read More

What kind of advertising is this for an online commerce package? One of the great values of an online store is 24/7 availability. If my store goes offline for a couple of hours, even in the wee hours of the morning, I could be losing valuable orders and prospective clients. This kind of routine could… Read More

Good writing is the basis for weblogging. Good books about how to write are “On writing well” and “Style: toward clarity and grace“. If you don't feel like reading books, this list might help as well: Avoid alliteration. Prepositions dangle awkwardly if you use them to end sentences with. Avoid clichés and colloquialisms like the… Read More

My wife and I have gotten caught up in the finals for American Idol. I remember when the show first appeared – I was appalled. Now that they have narrowed it down to the finals, it is actually very good. The final folks who are left are all amazing singers.My personal favorite? Kelly Clarkson… Read More

[RadioFAQs] Radio Book: Something Unexpected: Scotts Radio    As the author of the O'Reilly Essential Blogging chapters on Radio, I clearly have a commercial interest in Radio.  You'd think that I'd want people to just buy the Essential Blogging book and NOT give content about Radio for free.  You'd think that but you'd be wrong.  I… Read More