When Do You Really Need a Lawyer? [Slashdot] In my personal experience, if you are in business for yourself in any type of manner, it is a great idea to have a lawyer. I can't begin to count the number of times I've dropped a quick email to my lawyer who was immediately able to… Read More

Mended & HealedIn roughly 12 hours from my post last night about being beaten and bruised, I have been mended and healed. One piece of news can rip you apart – and the next piece can put you back faster than you can imagine.Geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz. I can hardly wait to share this story.Peace to all.- AndyP.S.… Read More

MacWorldI received an email from MacWorld today. They are going to print my article in an upcoming issue. I'm not sure exactly which issue, but I'll let you know.SWEET!!- andy… Read More

Bruised & Beaten20 hours ago, I woke up ready to face a new and challenging day. What I was about to experience, no matter the weeks of mental preparation, I wasn't prepared. The simple fact is, I knew what was going to happen, but I didn't actually expect it.In the coming weeks, I'm going to… Read More

Why Post-Its SuckI personally think that if the computer had never been invented, post-it notes would never have caught on. You see, without the computer, we wouldn't have a need for a monitor. Without a monitor, where the heck would we stick our post-its?I have two computers on my desk, my Titanium G4 and my… Read More

StaminaSlava from Unsanity.org posted an article on what it takes to be a good programmer. One of those key traits is stamina.I have to admit – I think that this is a key piece missing from most apps. I find myself somewhat slipping. I'm working on making it better – but it's not by increasing… Read More

Mozilla Improvements. Mozilla Improvements If you are a Mozilla user (and if you aren't, you really need to think about it since Mozilla offers a solid, stable, advertising free, free alternative to Internet Explorer or Netscape 6+ / 7+).  Here are two cool things: Phoenix — a faster version of the core Mozilla technology.  Multizilla —… Read More

Brian Greenstone's Guide to Austin & the Hill Countryhttp://www.briangreenstone.com/austin/index.html… Read More

Homemade Dot-Mac with OS X, Part 2 A great article by Alan Graham of O'Reilly fame. http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2002/09/20/homemade_dotmac_2.html In case you missed part 1 http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2002/08/09/homemade_dotmac.html Article Review: This article was a big letdown. I was jazzed about learning how to set up a “real” homemade .Mac server, however the article only covered basics of creating a… Read More

A Welcome Weekend I remember back in February, I had been “set free” by my former employer for about two weeks. I was well on my way to getting my consulting practice in full swing. I dreaded weekends. Nobody worked. Everybody partied. It was a constant distraction. I loved “geeking out” and ramping up during… Read More