Top 10 Requests Heard by Piano Tuners10. Do I have to take everything off the top of the piano? 9. Should I always have the piano tuned every 10 years whether it needs it or not? 8. Would it be cheaper if I didn't have the last octave tuned? 7. Do I bring the piano… Read More

The Little Things In the January issue of MacWorld, they posted my editorial on the lack of a smiling Mac when booting up OS X. No, it's not much, but it's the little things that make each day fun.… Read More

Kissing Satan Goodnight Kit Fox, seventeen, has a talent for taming the written word. I enjoyed reading the first chapter in her “Kissing Satan Goodnight“. I'm looking forward to chapter two.… Read More

Duck Hunt Photos Thanks to a great server-based software package called Gallery, the first set of duck hunting photos are now online. Check them out here.… Read More

Shame on Me Tomorrow is December 24th and I plan on spending the first part of my day shopping. Sadly, it's not because I forgot that “last minute item.” No, it's because I am WAY behind on my shopping. I'll learn – someday.… Read More

Top 10 Web Mistakes of 2002 Thanks to Jakob Nielsen, here is the list of the top 10 web mistakes for 2002.… Read More

Happy Birthday, Anna!! Today is my wife's 28th birthday. She has been kinda bummed about it since she isn't really liking the idea of “approaching 30”. I keep telling her that 28 is great, but alas, I have made little progress in convincing her that 28 will be her best year yet. We had a… Read More

Greetings Y'all My apologies for the “zero post mode” this week. I have been in Stuttgart, Arkansas on a duck hunting trip. (my first duck hunting adventure) I have several stories, antics, pictures, and numerous entertaining bits of fun to share with everyone. I suspect they will start flowing online soon.… Read More

Why PVR's Are Cool What's a PVR? Why are they cool? What are your options? Ben tells all.… Read More