“John” is Back After a bit of a hiatus while he is getting settled into Austin, “John” is back in the saddle and posting again. It sounds like his therapy is similar to mine – when you aren't sure who to talk to, tell the world – through your blog. Here's to your new start… Read More

From the folks at ToonDin – Bub: Freelance Hitman http://www.toonedin.com/movies/bub.mov… Read More

Is there a Santa Claus?? Let's ask FedEx This week, I was sending a package to St. Petersburg, Florida and started thinking about how FedEx gives minute by minute tracking information. I began wondering how far a letter addressed to Santa would travel. Would make it out of Michigan? Would it make it all the… Read More

Heh. Now Here's A Way to Fight Back Against Spammers. Heh.  Now Here's A Way to Fight Back Against Spammers Try installing SugarPlum, a spam “honey pot” which gives Spammers tons and tons of bad addresses to send to. Sugarplum — spam poison  What is Sugarplum? Does this answer your question? 🙂 Sugarplum is an… Read More

Need to Send Mail from PHP?. Need to Send Mail from PHP? I just found this, phpMailer, which seems quite good.  One of those fortuitious discoveries where you download something else, look at the code and you just see it and it works.  I'm starting to integrate it into a project right now.  [_Go_] [The… Read More

Moving Movable Type to Drupal. Moving Movable Type to Drupal Well anyone who's into blogging and more than a bit geeky would probably like this one.  It's a description of how one user moved from Movable Type to Drupal, step by step.  Nicely done ! Why migrate I migrated my MT blog to Drupal. It… Read More

Merry Christmas to me!! I just ran down to our local Time Warner Cable office to pick up my Christmas present. (early, I know) I talked the wife into splurging on TWC's new digital video recorder model cable box. I have been wanting a Tivo/Replay for a few years now, but I'm too cheap to… Read More

Slow day in Blog Land It must be a slow day in the weblogging world. I actually made it into the Daily Top 100 for today. Will wonders never cease…?… Read More

PHP & Radio Userland – Can they Co-Exist? OK, I've been searching for quite a bit on this one, and I can't find the answer, so I'm going to post it here and hope that somebody can shed some light on this topic. Question: I want to be able to render my Radio weblog in… Read More

Good Morning from Rainy Austin I'm off to a good start today. Lots to do, but feeling good. iTunes is blaring in the background and the the checkmarks on “the list” are flowing. My car is borrowed out today so I'm stranded. Nothing to do but get things done. It's raining outside so no “Harley”… Read More