Ok, we’re addicted. Since we gave up TV for Lent, we have found
ourselves watching less TV than we used to. Amazingly enough, we
have once again become obsessed with watching recorded television and
skipping commercials. Should we dare watch something “live” we
instantly get cranky when a commercial comes on and we can’t skip
over it.

Since our daughter’s room is so close to the living room, we hardly
ever watch tv in the evenings for fear of waking her up. So, we
broke down and blew $50 on a refurb TiVo for the bedroom. 🙂

Since TiVo won’t connect via Vonage I’m going to take it to the
office tomorrow to configure it via a regular land-line. By
Wednesday night, we’ll be a spoiled little two-TiVo family. 😉