While at the grocery store tonight searching for some Huggies Newborns, I happened to notice that at the end of the diaper aisle, there is the display for condoms. Do you suppose this was intentional? Surely the stark reminder has caused a pause or two.… Read More

We had an awesome day today. I was able to sleep in until the late, late time of about 8:00. Then, my wife whipped up an awesome breakfast of waffles, pigs-in-a-blanket, and watermelon. Then, Katie gave me the tie she made for me when she was in school (she was so proud) and mommy and… Read More

I have been feeling a bit guilty about providing proper assistance to my wife for the past week. After all, she gave birth to Jackie just a week ago. But, as my wife pointed out, part of my job is to keep Katie occupied and feeling special now that our attention is being split across… Read More

For anyone keeping up with the birth and development of our newest baby girl, we made a last-minute change of spelling on her name. The new spelling is: Jacquelyn Leigh Personally, I’m very happy about it. I was pushing for this spelling from the beginning, but Mommy wouldn’t have it. As she was filling out… Read More

I wanted to publicly thank Daniel for bringing to my attention (with step-by-step instructions and a pre-assembled XML file) a quick and easy way to import all of my old blog entries from my Radio Userland-based blog. All of my old posts are now here on my WordPress blog. As I was explaining to Daniel… Read More

Baby Update Originally uploaded by 347. The cameraphone isn’t the greatest, but it’s an update. Jackie is nursing and sleeping well. Mommy is doing great. Big Sister was here this morning and LOVED seeing her new baby sister. She was a little confused at first, but it didn’t take long for her to figure it… Read More

Anna is dilated to a 5 and we’re about half-way along. I am still holding to my 8p prediction.… Read More