I have been feeling a bit guilty about providing proper assistance to my wife for the past week. After all, she gave birth to Jackie just a week ago. But, as my wife pointed out, part of my job is to keep Katie occupied and feeling special now that our attention is being split across two daughters and Jackie is receiving so much attention. So, what better way to do that than camping out with our brand new tent in the Princess Room.

To celebrate the event, we made smores in the microwave. This was Katie’s first camping and smore-building extravaganza. She had a great time. The expression on her face and her gibberish of excitement were absolutely priceless. I was impressed that smores were so easily made in the microwave. This could be a highly dangerous discovery.

Sleeping in the tent was a bit rough. The couch cushions didn’t quite work as I had hoped as they were a bit lumpy. Katie slept pretty well as we were able to use her matress from her toddler bed. And, she LOVED using the battery-powered lantern that I got for Christmas from Papaw. Who knew reading bedtime stories by lantern-light could be so much fun!