The IVs are in and the induction is starting. Here’s to a speedy delivery!! My personal guess is 8:00pm.… Read More

Anna’s doctor just called to personally tell us that they are ready for us! So, we’re loading up the car and headed out the door. If you’re looking for some reading material in the meantime, you can view our baby blog at: I know, the name is a bit funny, but I believe the… Read More

Well, the baby brigade is busy today. The beds are filling up as fast as they empty out so we’re now on the docket for noon. Let’s hope this is the last bump of the day!… Read More

That’s the new scheduled time. I have a feeling it may slip once more, but I think we’re close. Anna couldn’t sleep last night so she is finally getting a bit of rest. Luckily, I slept pretty well and am now too excited to keep sleeping. I may regret it later, but I’m going to… Read More

The hospital just called and said they had a full house. They asked us to call back at 8am to get a new check-in time. They called last night and pushed it from 5a to 7a. hopefully this will be our last bump, but you never know. More to come!!… Read More