Well, I have been on vacation for the past week. It is something that I rarely do, but it was definitely needed. I haven’t spent this much time without physically going into the office in, um, well, ever! Unfortunately, our vacation didn’t play out quite like we had thought. Other than a trip to Dallas for a few days to visit with my sister and her family, we weren’t planning on going anywhere. Instead, we had a lot of little day-trips planned around town and hoped to get a lot of things done around the house. Unfortunately, my daughter got sick on Sunday and so we cut our trip to Dallas short. A couple days later, Anna and I started getting sick too. Sure enough, the next day, the baby started showing similar symptoms. HOORAY! What a fun vacation, eh? So, instead of living it up in a week of fun an excitement, we’ve been tending to sick kids, trying to rest up a bit while wrangling the youngsters, and taking a few little mini-dates as time and babysitters permit. Here’s a quick rundown of our fun:

Late dinner at III Forks in Dallas.
– Trip to Walgreens and a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood
– Went to the park to play for a couple of hours
– Snuck out to The Main Event to bowl a few games
– Fun at The Little Gym followed by lunch with the family
– Cruised up and down the new toll roads to see how fast we’ll be able to zip around town
– Drove to the new IKEA to see when they open (November 15th!!!)
– Dropped some solid cash at the new Round Rock Premium Outlets

Not quite what we had planned, but overall it has been a good week. I’m going to miss hanging out with Anna and the kids next week. It has been fun running errands with them and hanging out. I can hardly wait until our next vacation. 🙂