While watching Superman IV with Katie, during the scene where Superman was getting clobbered, she asked if Superman was going to win. “Yes” I replied. She said, “Does he always win?” A bit reluctantly, I said, “Always.” Hard to watch those movies knowing Christopher Reeve is gone.… Read More

Katie made easy-bake cookies tonight with the help of our babysitter, Becca. They were pretty tasty considering they were cooked via light-bulb. The last time I ate cookies from an easy-bake was 25 years ago. I was hoping they’d perfect the recipe a bit more over that time, but not so much. It was lovingly… Read More

Well, my sister started a Photo A Day blog and I thought it was pretty cool, so “me too!” I doubt I’ll be as good as her on the “daily” part, but I’ll do my best to keep up. Happy New Year!… Read More

Katie & Jackie decided to have art class while mommy was putting Riley down for her nap. They were making “seasonal landscapes” where they each picked a season and painted a corresponding picture.… Read More