I couldn’t believe my eyes! Fr. Tom … It was awesome enough there was a darling Catholic Church in our very random destination … but as I walked in, I also saw the very priest who was not only Andy’s childhood priest at St. Elizabeth’s but also married Andy and I at the Cathedral in Austin (and he was just a visiting priest this week-end too, now what were the odds!). What a wonderful surprise! The wonderful lesson I learned from this week-end was to let go a little. I look back at this week-end and wow! No way could I have planned it any better … Even if I tried! Thank you sweet husband for this wonderful vacation and for opening my eyes and heart to the possibilities! For making me realize that there may be things in life I may be missing by trying to plan too much. Fr. Tom … What a true blessing it was to see you! You were icing on the cake that made me realize what this week-end was all about! Enjoying the journey!