One of the perks of working from home is that I can squeeze in a few minutes of play time with the kids in the middle of the day. In this pic, Riley says, “Swing me high like a bird in the sky!”… Read More

Katie never had much interest in learning to ride a bike, so we don’t push too much, but it was time she learned. It didn’t take long to persuade her to give it a go and within minutes she was riding solo. Momo’s house has the best driveway for the big event. I have a… Read More

Andrew is growing so quickly. When he gets dressed up in his big boy clothes, he looks so grown up. I tried to catch a smile, but he was moving too fast. The smiling pics were all blurry, but he was quite the charmer that morning.… Read More

The kids dressed up as their favorite saints for a special presentation at a FISCHE gathering at Our Lady of the Rosary cemetery. I just love that beaming smile on Katie. Such cute little angels.… Read More

Pappy always bought two Almond Joys when he went to the store. Out of all the candy the kids collected, there were exactly two of these little gems. We miss you too, Pappy.… Read More

In our 2nd annual tradition of “outdoor Halloween movie night,” we watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” Since Halloween is one of the few times we get to connect with and meet new neighbors, the movie gives us an excuse to hang around outside and chat a bit longer. It’s a great hit and… Read More