Here is Jackie on her inaugural run with her new sled. We really have Jackie to thank for spurring us onward for this trip. She asked Santa for a sled for Christmas so she could slide in the snow. Problem is, we live in Austin and only see a dusting or two of snow and… Read More

After a brief stop in Lampasas to feed Andrew, we headed towards Sweetwater, TX. Our gps took us on a rather unusual route, but we pulled into Sweetwater about 1:30am. The girls were awake after some restless sleep in the car so we had a quick snack of bananas and nutri-grain bars. Then they snuggled… Read More

“Hey, Honey. What would you think about hopping in the car and driving north until we hit snow? I think the girls would have a blast.” …silence… “No, really! It will be fun!!” After a few more moments of silence, my amazing wife agrees that it will indeed be an adventure. The last time we… Read More

I ordered a last-minute gift from Amazon. A text message told me it shipped the same day. This morning I received another text message saying it was delayed by at least a day. I searched the tracking code online at UPS. In under 10 minutes, they realized the issue (someone forgot to put it on… Read More