Jackie is feeding Andrew while we cruise down the road. She is an awesome helper with her brother and he loves the attention.… Read More

Jackie & Riley cut out dozens of animals from their coloring books and used them as action figures. They make up elaborate stories and play for hours. It is quite entertaining to watch!… Read More

We zipped over to Paulding to reunite the 2nd cousins, Andrew & Teddy. They are a month apart, but haven’t been together for 8 months. It was great to watch them play together.… Read More

During a visit with Aunt Easter, we found an old pic of Pappy, his dad (William Riley, the namesake of our Riley), and great grandparents William and Mary-Susan’s wedding photo.… Read More

Dad was quite proud of Andrew and his newfound love of moon pies.… Read More

The grocery store had this old pony and rides were only a penny! It reminded me of going shopping with my mom when I was a kid. We had to get our 2 cents worth!… Read More

After church, we went to visit the great-grandparents. Pappy has only been gone a year and the girls each had a favorite memory they shared. They had lots of fun memories of Pappy.… Read More

In keeping with our Meadows heritage, family time usually happens on the front porch. This picture reminds me of our visit to West Virginia and all the time we spent sitting on Uncle Chester’s porch.… Read More

Using a marshmallow roaster for a microphone, Jackie sang us a little song. Her creativity never ceases to amaze. IMG_4695.mov… Read More

Andrew immediately fell in love with steering wheels. I’m not sure if this is foreshadowing or just strong make genes. Either way, he loves to drive!… Read More