ename-hijackI’m sad to report that this domain name, 347.com, was hijacked today. I have had this domain for 17 years and have been the sole owner. Due to some unknown method, it was stolen from me and I’m now at the mercy of the hijackers to either make their demand or sit on it. If you are contacted about this domain, please know that it was taken unlawfully and will be reclaimed.

I received an email this morning with an EPP transfer code, however assumed it was triggered by accident and ignored it. Big mistake, but at that point, it was probably too late. I’ll report updates here as things unfold – well, at least as long as I’m able.

Still Hopeful,


P.S. Have any insights or experience to share that might lead to a successful reversal? Please email me at andrew.meadows@gmail.com.

After much angst and frustration, my domain was retrieved. If you have a similar issue, I’m happy to help. Please contact me at the email above and I’ll gladly share my story and insights.