Straight home from school to swap out school shoes for their favorite boots. Then it is straight to the backyard for some quality time outdoors.  … Read More

I’m sad to report that this domain name,, was hijacked today. I have had this domain for 17 years and have been the sole owner. Due to some unknown method, it was stolen from me and I’m now at the mercy of the hijackers to either make their demand or sit on it. If… Read More

The girls have gone to Religious Education classes at church so it’s just me and Andrew. We usually snag a snack (today it was Christmas cookies with green icing – you can see a few traces), turn on a movie, and take a nap. Sometimes we play ball in the back yard and swing on… Read More

The house is quiet. The sun is rising. Moved to the couch because too many kids wanted in our bed. A little one is snuggled up by my side – confidently drifting back to dreamland. Another one takes her place on the other couch – resisting the hypnotic lull of the fan’s quiet murmur. The… Read More

In a rare treat on our trip, Daddy hooked up the Apple TV and the kids watched a show while eating a bowl of cereal. After breakfast, we took a walk down to the lake to explore some of the old trees and practice our rock skipping skills.… Read More

Aunt Cookie joined the fun and took a turn roasting hot dogs. Then she took a turn “taking care of” Andrew while he took a pre-bed-time nap. It’s tough work turning one!… Read More

Aunt Nene showed up with matching dresses for Eryn & Riley. They love dressing alike and rarely leave each other’s side when they are together.… Read More