Daddy installed the bath toy that Andrew received for his birthday on the refrigerator. It made a great substitute.… Read More

While Daddy was driving, Riley grabbed the map and said she was looking for Texas. The only problem is that she was holding a map for Paducah, KY. 🙂… Read More

No matter where we’ve been or how long we’ve been gone, this sign is always a welcome site.… Read More

We celebrated Andrew’s birthday (the first time) in Little Rock, Arkansas. We had our usual birthday donut breakfast and then buttoned up the coach and headed to Texas to meet the family for our second party. Andrew took some time to snuggle with Mommy and thank her for all her awesomeness.… Read More

Our family reunion came to an end and it was time to part ways and head home to Texas. We snapped one quick picture before we pulled out and headed home. It is hard to believe we have been on the road for over two weeks already. Time sure flies when you are having fun!… Read More

Andrew and Daddy went for a little stroll and found a swing that fit Andrew perfectly. Anytime Andrew gets the chance to swing, his face lights up with his little smile. Today was no exception.… Read More

Papaw took Riley for a little walk in Kentucky. When they got back, Papaw took Jackie & Riley down to the pond to practice skipping rocks. It was a great way to start the day.… Read More

Jackie is feeding Andrew while we cruise down the road. She is an awesome helper with her brother and he loves the attention.… Read More

Jackie & Riley cut out dozens of animals from their coloring books and used them as action figures. They make up elaborate stories and play for hours. It is quite entertaining to watch!… Read More

We zipped over to Paulding to reunite the 2nd cousins, Andrew & Teddy. They are a month apart, but haven’t been together for 8 months. It was great to watch them play together.… Read More